Con Confianza!


Our story begins
in the northeast San Fernando Valley
when Gaby Arvizu, born in Mexico and raised in the Valley, starts questioning her surroundings and wonders why her neighborhood does not have the same dining and shopping experiences as other places. This leads the young Latina to develop a career in commercial real estate where she learns what it takes to create and shape a built environment. She returns to her old stomping grounds with this newfound knowledge to start the enterprise Compañía de Café, with a confidence that is core to the agile and mobile Mexican-American millennial community she belongs to.

Con Confianza!


Our mission is to create
an open and engaging environment where people are inspired to be themselves by celebrating and sharing in the unique Mexican-American culture.

Compañía de Café is a coffee and pastry bar that combines the tradition of the classical gran café culture, the warmth and wealth of abuelita’s kitchen, with the smartest design, talent and technology can provide.

Family and friends gather at Compañía de Café for a warm drink, a sweet bite and a good time, at a free moment, shared together. The space invites and engages, nurtures and embraces, flirts, seduces and indulges you. This reciprocal spirit of confianza — of respect and trust in our shared humanity — we celebrate at Compañía de Café.


The values of Compañía
are our commitment to the world; our customers and employees. It is the blueprint of our DNA, in Rosa Mexicano.


La Adelita was a soldadera
or female soldier, who held an influential role in the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920). La Adelita is a symbol for any woman who struggles and fights for her rights. She represents our Compañía value of integrity.


Emiliano Zapata lead
the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) and the Zapatista movement who fought on behalf of the peasants and their right to their land. Thus he stands for our Compañía value of ownership.


Coffee wasn’t introduced
to Mexico until the 1800’s. If the Aztec empire would have known coffee, surely the Cihuateteo, the Aztec female warriors who escort the sun through the underworld to its rise each morning, would be ruled by La Cihuatl, who we baptize our goddess of coffee. We give her reign over our Compañía value of opportunity as well.


Calaca de La Doña
is the nickname of Maria Félix, a leading actress from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. In this image, Félix depicts La Catrina, the goddess of Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, the day we appreciate our ancestors.


British singer Morrissey
aka Moz strikes a chord with the Mexican-American crowd, who adore him as a living incarnation of Xochipilli aka the flower prince, the god of art, games, dance and song, and our Compañía value of communication.

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